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Experience Puerto Iguazu through the different activities and the most exciting tours that will make you enjoy the wide range of varied panoramic views this destination has to offer you.

Iguazu Falls

This full day trip will take you on a blasting experience throughout the Falls and its most wonderful views. The nine- kilometre trails in the National Park have three main circuits: Lower, Upper and The Devil´s Throat. Each one of them will show you the uniqueness of San Martin Island, Bosetti and Two Sisters Falls.


There are multiple eco adventure activities that take place on the Brazilian side of the Falls. For more information you can ask our knowledgeable staff at the front desk. We do recommend canoping and wall climbing.

Great Adventure

Great Adventure is an optional safari and sailing activity along The Iguazu River that will open up your senses and make you feel an exciting experience in the wildlife. The rage of the river will hypnotize you and the thickness of the colourful Misiones jungle with its reddish paths will make you think that there is no other place where you would rather be.

Iguazu Forest

Learn about Iguazu wildlife in an eco-adventure activity across the jungle. It is a four-hour tour shared with people from all over the word. Don´t miss out on bird watching and more.

Brazilian Falls

It´s a two-kilometre walk throughout the trails which will take five hours from the starting point. You can also visit the Bird Park which will only take you one extra hour. The transfer is the same one that takes you to the Brazilian Falls.

Nautical Adventure

It starts at the end of the lower circuit and at the bank of the river. It´s a twelve to fifteen minute ride which makes you experience adrenaline. The speedboat takes you to Three Mosqueteers Fall, and it goes around San Martin Island where you can have an amazing view to The Devil´s Throat. At the end of the tour, you get close to San Martin Fall, the highest waterfall in the world. Remember to take your camera to have a snapshot of this moment and get ready for a full bath under the falls.

Three countries in one day

Full day ride including Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. Visit the Itaipu Dam and Ciudad del Este.

Ruta 12 Km 3,5 | Puerto Iguazu - Misiones

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